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About Us

Curly Assembly's Purpose

Our purpose is to provide quality hair care products for all hair lovers! 🌿✨Curly Assembly products are designed to promote growth and provide strength for all hair types. We strive to provide healthy products for our customers. 

My Story - The Owner

Hello! My name is Angel Coulter and I am the founder of Curly Assembly.🌸✨ I opened my store on June 21st, 2020 in the hopes of providing quality hair products for people trying to grow out their beautiful hair. Most cosmetics didn't work for my hair as effectively as I would have hoped. I used to straighten my hair a lot, which caused lots of damage.🔥 Popular hair brands use unnecessary ingredients, which can damage our hair, prevent growth, and - in some cases - contain carcinogens. A few of my family members had to get expensive surgeries due to tumors forming in their organs (uterine fibroids). I decided enough is enough and made my own beauty products that only contained necessary ingredients to strengthen and nourish people's hair.
When I first began this business, many people discouraged me and others didn't like that I was starting a hair business. Some people even went as far as to create fake reviews under my product pages and spread false rumors about me throughout social media. I was devastated and was extremely close to giving up. However, instead of giving up, I decided to re-brand and take the feedback that many nice supporters offered me. ❤️ It took about a month or so, but I completely changed my website, my logo, and my marketing strategies. I'm so grateful for the people who offered me feedback. It motivated me even more to continue what I started. If you can take anything out of this story, take this lesson: Never get discouraged by anyone. And most importantly, never quit. It's a common lesson to give, but it's a powerful message for everyone. Only you have the power to limit yourself. 🌸✨
Thank you for visiting our website and have a wonderful day! :)