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Very good

Very good an amazing product,I like it and I recommend.

Herb-Infused Hair Growth Serum
Selena Garcia -Pena
Great product

I really like the texture of it, and the easy use of it. Can take it anywhere if you travel often.
I did feel like I seen results.

My Curls are Poppin!

This curling cream is really good. It helps my curls pop and look more defined. Thank you!


I love this, it leaves hair with a nice amount of oil and it smells wonderful!

The products are wonderful my hair is healthy smooth softI love I love it 10 out of 10 would recommend

Thank you for this ! ! !

I use the hair butter when I have protective styles like braids … and my hair has been growing so long … I have less breakage and shedding and my hair is shiny and silky 💯

I'm in love

I tried this lavender whipped hair butter on my 11-year-old's hair for the first time. His hair has never been cut and when I put this lavender whipped hair butter and his hair it was like night and day. His hair is so moisturized nourished shiny bouncy his curls are amazing. I am a new and from now on a regular customer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This oil! ♥

I love everything about this oil! It is a beautiful color, not too greasy and it actually works!

def recommended!

by far my fav thing ever. this has helped my hair so much i have another one coming soon ! i’m very excited ! thank you for this

Whipped Hair Butter
Amazing product!! A must have with clean ingredients!

My hair and I love this lavender whipped hair butter! It’s such a quality product with clean ingredients! Definitely recommend. I have 4a-c hair and the product moisturizes my hair so well! No residues either! Will definitely be ordering again :) keep doing your thing sis!!

It’s very moisturizing! My hair feels better, and the essential oils smell wonderful and relaxing :)

Holy Grail of Hair Treatment

The short version. This is amazing, the store is amazing and if you have any common sense you'll stop reading here and buy it.

The long version.
So I (♀️) have got some thick hair but it grows slowly and I am so fed up of waiting for it to grow out. I saw this and thought I absolutely need to atleast try it. I bought 1. It got lost in the mail between America and the UK and she sent me 2 extra just to be sure I ended up getting it which I'm so grateful for because turns out my roots are THIRSTY for this stuff. So I added it into my haircare routine which, I don't mean to gas myself up, but was already a pretty excellent routine. My hairdresser does NOT get impressed by anything, he ain't the kind of guy, been in the business too long. He is gobsmacked by how fast it's growing compared to before, I even told him what I'm using and he doesn't understand how, I don't understand how either! It's pure witchcraft-magic-hair-growth-super-fast-potion. It'll forever go down as a wonder of the world. And MARK MY WORDS get in now with this stuff because it will be gone. I mean. Gone, it'll be sold out so fast it'll make your headspin, and it's sold out right now as you're reading it too BECAUSE ITS JUST THAT GOOD.

This is the best hair butter

I purchased this hair butter multiple times and every time the product gets better and better. I love this hair butter. It makes my curls so soft.

Your Simple Guide to Long, Healthy Hair (For ALL Hair Types)
10 / 10 stars girl !

I literally bought this guide as soon as you posted it on your Instagram. it was straight to the point information ! ! I loved it and covers everything about hair

Second or third time buying Lavender Whipped Hair Butter. I just love the way it makes my hair feel and how healthy it looks when I apply the product. I always get compliments on how healthy my hair looks and the shine that is coming from my hair. I will always recommend this product to others and will be a customer for years to come.

mango is everything

The mango smell is everything . i want to eat it 😍 😍 my hair is so easy to comb through now and after washing it out it is silky smooth and glistening !

Amazing results!

I gave a bottle to my 80-year-old mom who has been experiencing pretty severe hair loss. After about 4 weeks of use, the regrowth on her crown and edges is nothing less than unbelievable! As you might imagine she is so happy. Give this product a try!

Clarifying & nice scent

10/10! My scalp and hair feel so clean and my hair still smells like beautiful lavender. This clarified my curls so well without stripping them.

The smell and cleanse 👄

I love the smell of lavender so this shampoo is perfect for me and it cleanses my scalp and hair amazingly

I Use This EveryTime I Style My Hair

I use the curling cream when I do my hair. It makes it soft and silky. It makes my hair easier to comb through because it gives it that slip. Thanks

It's great

Did exactly what I needed for my hair.

I love it!

Really really great moisturizer!! I have thick, curly 3c/4a hair and recently ive been struggling with keeping my hair hydrated. This hair butter has kept my hair moisturized and shiny for days!! And it smells so good!!! I 100% would recommend!

Happy Customer !!

I’ve purchased several items from here before and a set to my cousin. This is my first time buying a set for myself. I’ve used the hair butter before and it instantly softens my hair. I’m eager to try this trio for hair regrowth. Unfortunately previous barbers have taken my natural hairline on one side back, which hasn’t regrown properly. So I’m hoping this trio bundle will do the trick. Very excited to buy again and happily supporting black business !


For my first order I was happy arrived quickly and very well packaged, the smell is pleasant not yet tried but I am satisfied thanks 🙏🏽

Favorite Curling Cream

My hair is 3b-4a and I LOVE this curling cream! I use this everytime I style my hair. It makes my hair feel silky and my hair smells like lavender hours after using it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!