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I gave a bottle to my 80-year-old mom who has been experiencing pretty severe hair loss. After about 4 weeks of use, the regrowth on her crown and edges is nothing less than unbelievable! As you might imagine she is so happy, Give this product a try!


It's very moisturizing! My hair feels better, and the essential oils smell wonderful and relaxing :)


I have naturally wavy hair and after continual usage I've saw so much progress in my hair including: extra volume, moisture, length, shine, strength, and just overall healthier. I am so obsessed and I know a lot of others are too..."


Unscented and Simple

Perfect for those who prefer a clean and simple hair care routine.

Lavender Bliss

Wraps your hair in a calming, soft lavender scent while it deeply hydrates and defines your curls.

Sweet Vanilla

A warm, sweet vanilla scent that makes your hair smell like a treat while it moisturizes and enhances your curls.