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Lavender Whipped Hair Butter
Lavender Whipped Hair Butter
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Lavender Whipped Hair Butter

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 Curly Assembly's Lavender Whipped Hair Butter (12 oz) uses enriched ingredients to provide maximum moisture for your beautiful strands. Jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil contain many vitamins and proteins to strengthen and protect your hair. Essential oils are added to give the cream a pleasant fragrance and help with hair growth.

***Best for ALL hair types***

***Shelf life: 3-4 months***

Ingredients and Benefits:

Coconut Oil - stimulates blood circulation, fights against lice and dandruff, adds shine, deeply conditions

Shea Butter - safe to use on damaged, dry, and colored hair; strengthens hair, reduce hair breakage, improves bounce of hair

Lavender Essential Oil - contributes to hair growth, natural fragrance, moisturizes hair

Additional Ingredients: Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary essential oil, Peppermint essential oil


Directions: Apply a generous amount to hands, rub together, then smooth product into damp hair from roots to ends. Comb through hair to make sure all of your strands receive an even amount. Style hair as desired. For wavy/straight hair, use this product as a hair mask.


You may see dots or “lumps” in this hair butter. That happens when shea butter is mixed in a cool environment ❤️ The lumps will still melt in your hands as you apply it into your hair!


Don't like lavender? You can request the Lavender Whipped Hair Butter to be unscented! :)


Please note that hair butters DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY or guarantee hair growth. This business is built on honesty and I have no intention of lying to my customers. Many external factors depend on how your hair grows as well. This includes diet, hair products used, how you treat your hair, etc. In other words, hair butters are made for styling hair such as braid-outs and twist-outs. If you're not taking proper care of your hair, then you will not see maximum results. 

Warning: Do not ingest or have near eyes.

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